Get individualized care – that really cares –

Infusion therapy is no small matter. You need reliable care and support PLUS an advocate who is always on your side to reach your infusion therapy goals

Look no further than BioPlus Infusion. You Get:

Step 1
An advocate who can guide you toward copay assistance resources (if applicable).
Step 2
Therapy education & resources — in-person or with downloadable therapy guides.
Step 3
Tips to be more comfortable on therapy (even when you travel or can’t be home).
Step 4
Easy access to the forms that you need to complete, consent, and sign for therapy (without the confusion).
Step 5
A personal patient advocate who has experienced the infusion journey and is here to help you.
Step 6
Easy pharmacy transfers — make the switch to BioPlus Infusion, fast & easy.

You could save money on your infusion medications.

You may be eligible for copay or financial assistance through our partner foundations. Let our infusion pharmacy advocates go to work for you.


In financial assistance

*on average 2020

“We don’t go to the movies. We don’t go out to dinner. My family shouldn’t have to choose between getting me my medications and buying groceries.”

— Holly Ridgway, diagnosed with MS in 2011

Infusion patients: Have you ever ...

  • Spent countless hours on the phone advocating for yourself?
  • Had to pause or alter your treatment because of the unaffordable cost?
  • Had to sacrifice parts of your lifestyle so you can pay for your medication?
  • Felt stressed, scared, guilty, or depressed from your financial struggles?

Help is just a few clicks away! Become a BioPlus Infusion patient.

Can I use BioPlus Infusion?

Yes, you can. We live with infusion every day. Let us help you move past ‘infusion confusion.’

Reach out to speak with a patient advocate who can:

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