Get an infusion partner for your practice PLUS an infusion advocate for your patients.

You and your patients deserve more than a one-size-fits-all infusion pharmacy.

With BioPlus Infusion, you get a clinical partner with total support in benefits investigation, appeals, behind-the-scenes therapy coordination, triage, and follow-up.

Plus, dedicated nurse concierges and patient advocates guide you and your patients through the entire care journey.

Put your mind and office at ease with infusion care Tailored 2 You.

Get the concierge-class, experience. Every Time.

Step 1
BioPlus Infusion receives your patient’s infusion prescription.
Step 2
BioPlus Infusion performs benefits investigations and helps with insurance paperwork.
Step 3
BioPlus Infusion patient advocate immediately contacts the patient from the very start of the process.
Step 4
Nurse concierge calls patient to schedule first infusion.
Step 5
Nurse concierge enrolls your patient in an individualized care program.
Step 6
Your patient receives disease-specific educational resources and clinical reminders through their preferred communication channels.
Step 7
On the day of your patient's first infusion, a home infusion nurse completes initial assessments and starts treatment.
Step 8
Patient advocate calls patient after the infusion to check on how they're doing.
Step 9
Your patient continues to receive clinical updates, reminders, and individualized support throughout their entire treatment journey.

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Take a look at the conditions we support and medication therapies we offer.

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